Rule Your World!
Finding Freedom & Living Profitably

Audio Course
Harry Browne

In 2007, Harry Browne's widow discovered a box in their storage building containing eight large reel-to-reel tapes labeled, "The Art of Profitable Living, Harry Browne, 1967, Long Beach and Hollywood, California." After listening to the master tapes she was convinced that others would find the thought-provoking course as beneficial to them as it was to her. So the tapes were transferred to CDs and offered for sale as a 20-CD album retitled, "Rule Your World! Finding Freedom and Living Profitably". This exciting course is available now as a downloadable twenty-hour audio course.

The course, an eight lecture series, examines individual happiness, morality, decision-making, developing a code of conduct, freedom, and many other important topics.

The course's concepts, on which Harry's principles were based, were developed by him beginning around 1953 when he was only twenty years old. A dozen years later, when he presented the course, he was already a top-notch speaker who spoke without notes, moved along at a rapid pace, and fielded questions brilliantly in the question and answer periods that followed the lectures. More importantly, each lecture was full of thought-provoking ideas with applications that had never before been made in public.

HB Speaking Straight-on

In Harry's own words....."I put your principles on the block to see if they hold up on the foundation on which they're based."..... "I pin your beliefs against the wall, invade your mind, and disturb your views"..... "I examine principles, make applications, and then see how they work in areas of decision making, religion, love, marriage, sex, working for freedom, parent/child relationships, unraveling complicated decisions, etc."

Although forty years have passed since Harry presented his course, his philosophy of life, ideas, and principles are as relevant today as they were in 1967.

And even if you've read How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (Harry's 1973 self-help book that explains how individuals can take responsibility for their own lives) your life will be forever enriched if you listen to this audio course. Simply put.....there's something truly magical about hearing Harry's ideas presented in his own voice and speaking style, and sprinkled with his good humor.

Rule Your World! will provide you with the tools you need to live your life the way you see fit. It will put you on the path to a freer, happier life, it will inspire you to take greater responsibility for your life to quit focusing on the shortcomings of others and use the sovereignty you have to take control of your own life and make the most of it. Rule Your World! can make your life much freer and happier.

HB Speaking Sideview

In Harry's first lecture he asks....."Could anything be more important than getting a clean start now?" Then later he exclaims....."What treasures could possibly be greater than the freedom to act on your own life. You can be you ~ because there is no one who has a claim on you any more!"


Harry believed that....."Your happiness is the highest goal you can have in life."

In this course Harry asks you questions such as:
Do you know who you are?
Do you see clearly what it is you want in life and how you can get there?
Do you have a proper understanding of the nature of life, ethics, and justice?
Do you know how to make clear-cut decisions?
Do you know how to discover new things that might be more meaningful to you in your life?
Do you know what assets you have to work with?
Do you have a code of conduct?
Do you understand the actions of others?
Do you have a clear-cut workable understanding of morality?
Do you know why you're afraid?
Do you know how to get the courage to do what is necessary to get what you want in life?

During this course Harry will help you:
1. Find yourself, and discover what would really make you happy in this world.
2. "Start from zero" to construct your morality that will add meaning to your life.
3. Become the authority and absolute final decision maker in your life.
4. Develop a standard to make clear-cut decisions as to how to deal with others.
5. Determine what kind of consequences come from your acts.
6. Decide now how to respond in a time of crisis.
7. Find freedom from others and the government.
8. Discover a respect for honesty, truth, and relevancy.

Harry will help you discover:
1) Who am I? 2) Your morality 3) The nature of life 4) Yourself 5) Other people 6) How to have the good 7) How to deal with the bad 8) How to Protect Yourself 9) How to develop standards for dealing with others 10) Do the bad rule the earth? 11) Your relationship to the group 12) The nature of ethics 13) The consequences of your acts 14) The nature of justice 15) How to make decisions 16) How to solve problems 17) What is outside your control 18) How to prove what you can't see 19) Freedom 20) Your relationship to children 21) Your own domain 22) The ultimate goal 23) The ultimate relationship 24) The ultimate moment 25) The nature of marriage 26) Your own code of conduct 27) How to choose 28) A way of life

You'll also learn:
1) Techniques for constructing your own morality. 2) Why Harry thought there is little positive value in the Golden Rule, and how his "Silver Rule" (be the kind of person with whom you want to associate) can be applied more profitably in your life. 3) How to escape any box that entraps you. 4) How to deal with and react to the mistakes you make. 5) Harry's definition of an individualist. 6) How to have the freedom to act positively instead of being continually in the position of protecting the status quo from getting worse. 7) How to reduce the essential elements of your life to things that have relevance and meaning in your life. 8) The 6 elements of decision-making. 9) Why Harry thought positive thinking was no more than wishing on a star. 10) How to weigh your vulnerabilities. 11) The 3 evils in our manmade justice system. 12) Why a free society is another form of government. 13) How today can be your Declaration of Independence.


Customer Review

"Harry's great wisdom flows and flows non-stop throughout this series of lectures."

By Brian Nelson

Harry is mostly known for either being the Libertarian Party's nominee for president in 96 and 00', or for his best selling books on safe investment.

But what often goes unmentioned about Harry is that along with being one of the greatest political minds of the 20th century; he was also one of the greatest philosophical teachers of our times.

With the presidential run of Ron Paul many people are now turning to Liberty politics, but few understand them to the level of Harry, and he is the only one who has broken them down into a way of life... He does so in his "Rule your World" Lecture series, and it is ultimate "Individual's Guidebook".

I'm not surprised that Harry never got the popular acclaim he deserved while he was alive.  Today, most of the best selling self-help products are based on the "positive thinking" philosophy.  Harry on the other hand says "I want to know all the possible things that might go wrong, so that I am prepared going in."  Then he even explains a valuable imagination technique he uses in which he imagines the worst possible scenario occurring.  Whatever he fears most in a situation, or whatever it is causing him the most anxiety, he imagines it has already occurred, and that it is now day 1 after it's occurrence and he is taking the necessary steps to move forward, rectify the situation, and continue to get the most out of his life.  I have tried this technique in my own life and it has been extremely useful to me in relieving anxiety, but you have to hear Harry's explanation of it.

Harry's great wisdom flows and flows non-stop throughout this series of lectures. Often, he makes so many profound points at one time that it may be a month later that another one of his themes really sinks in and you understand it in all it's depth.

I could give many examples but I will share one with you now.

He says something to the effect of, "All I can do is give you the perfect framework, mistakes are bound to happen.  You can not say, today I begin a streak where everything is going to go my way, and magically it comes to you.  No, I will give you a perfect framework in which you can deal with yourself and others, but ultimately it is only you that you can control, so it is only possible to have the proper framework, and let others be."

Harry deals upon the premise that every human is living to maximize their own happiness.  He then sets about a philosophy in which an individual can develop for themselves the framework to achieve the greatest amount of happiness for their life.

I have benefited immensely from his teachings. Every once in a while, I may wake up so happy and excited about a new day, yet then, run into anything from a traffic jam, to bad services, rude or impolite people, or any number of frustrating inconveniences that exist in the world.  Before I may have wondered, God punishing me? my life supposed to be a struggle? I need to change for this person?

Those thoughts have lead me down many paths that held harmful consequences for me, yet now, with Harry's teachings I have developed the perfect framework in which I understand that all I control is myself.  So the question then becomes "what is the proper way in which to deal and understand these external circumstances?"

Let me give just one of his examples to illustrate that point.  Let's say you are dealing with a person and you are often left un-nerved by arguments, or criticisms from this person.  We may feel tempted to change for them, which is ultimately impossible to do, for Harry explains how we all have our own unique nature.  So the problem may have nothing to do with you, but rather it is a result of THEIR temperament.  And THEIR temperament is theirs and will not change regardless of you.  It is their problem, and you need to decide if it is still worth it to deal with them knowing this.

At the same time Harry explains that we may make mistakes in the way we deal with others or decisions we make.  If we do not recognize and admit our mistakes their may be a heavy price to pay.  Because what we don't realize is that many of us spend our lives trying to cover up insecurities and hide mistakes, and all that time and effort could be spent in another way that could bring us a great deal more direct and durable happiness.

Harry works out all the kinks to this framework, and you will have to listen to the lecture yourself, I just wanted to say I strongly recommend this product to any and everybody.

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