Harry Browne

Harry Browne was an inspirational speaker who was passionate about the cause of individual liberty and much smaller government.

Having run for President twice as the Libertarian Party’s nominee, having written 19 books and published thousands of articles, Browne was well-equipped to present the case for individual liberty over a wide range of issues — health care, education, the environment, Social Security, foreign policy, the Drug War, the income tax, immigration, and much more. His stance in all areas: people acting on their own achieve all that we value, while government works against our interests to further the interests of politicians. And whatever the issue, he presented insights you weren’t likely to have heard from other speakers or writers.

Some of his more popular speeches were:

"The Prospects for Liberty in America"

"Protecting America from Terrorism without Aggression or Appeasement"

"The Five Benefits of Repealing the Income Tax"

"The War Racket"

"In Praise of American Business"

"Too Many Lawyers or Too Many Laws?"

"Ending the Insane War on Drugs"

"Saving the Environment through Freedom"

"How to Operate the U.S. Government on $100 billion per Year"

"Reducing Crime by Reducing Government"

"What Happened to America?"

Harry Browne A favorite Browne topic was "In Praise of American Business" — a tribute to the men and women who bring us our food and clothing, build our homes, provide entertainment, and enhance our lives in thousands of ways. They do this in spite of incessant interference from politicians, reformers, busybodies, and ivory-tower critics. This speech showed business executives how to stop trying to appease their opponents, how to explain their actions, and how to enlist customers and employees to help resist the intrusions of politicians.

"Protecting America from Terrorism" presented a fresh perspective that could make America much safer without either pre-emptive wars or appeasement.

His speech "Ending the Insane War on Drugs" showed how Drug Prohibition (like Alcohol Prohibition) bred crime, unsafe drugs, police corruption, oppressive law enforcement, and the destruction of the Bill of Rights. And he showed how the post-Drug-War world was likely to look.

His audiences often recognized him, as he made numerous appearances on national TV shows — such as Meet the Press, Hannity & Colmes, The Larry King Show, and dozens of news and opinion shows on CNN, the Fox TV News channel,
C-SPAN, PBS, and MSNBC. He also appeared on hundreds of radio shows.

In addition to giving memorable speeches, he helped with fund-raising and pre-event publicity.

Harry Browne's 17 books sold more than 2 million copies. His 1973 book How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World is a self-improvement classic that continues to be in demand today. (A 25th anniversary edition with a new Foreword and Afterword was published in 1998.) His last book was Investment Strategy in an Uncertain World.

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