Attack Afghanistan?

by Harry Browne

September 15, 2001

According to news reports, on Friday, Sept. 14, 2001 the Pakistani government agreed to close its border with Afghanistan, to cut off fuel supplies to Afghanistan, and to let U.S. bombers fly over Pakistan en route to Afghanistan. However, the Pakistani government refused to allow American ground troops into Pakistan to mount an offensive against Afghanistan.

Afghanistan seems to have become the geographic focus of the "Bomb 'em" mentality that permeates American politicians and opinion leaders. It seems most likely that the first American attacks will be directed there.

So it seems particularly appropriate to ask what kind of country Afghanistan is, what its people are like, and how likely it is that they want war with the U.S.

Pease take a moment to read an article which apparently first appeared Friday in Salon, a large online publication. It has been circulated fairly widely through the Internet by the few people who are trying to calm the war-fever emotions.

Mir Tamim Ansary is a noted author of books on native Americans, and has also written some books on Afghanistan.

I am by no means an expert on Afghanistan, but what little I do know about it seems to be consistent with what Mr. Ansary says.