A Libertarian America

(From The Great Libertarian Offer)

The word libertarian has been used more and more in recent years. It describes what most people want more of: more control over their own lives and, in order to get it, much smaller government.

Libertarians are everywhere. They can be found among celebrities, businesspeople, and just plain folks everywhere but in the corridors of power.

The political voice of the libertarian movement is the Libertarian Party a political party that was founded in 1971, but has surged in size and influence over the past few years.

Put simply, libertarians want you to be free free to live your own life as you think best.

We want you to keep every dollar you earn to spend it, save it, or give it away as you think best, not as the politicians decide.

We want you to be free to raise your children by your values, not those of faraway bureaucrats who see your child as a little soldier in their crusade for a better world.

We want your privacy to be airtight so that you’re not exposed to politicians and bureaucrats who think the "greater good" gives them the right to snoop into your bank account, read your letters or e-mails, and monitor your life.

We want you to be free to say "no" to busybodies who are sure they know better than you how to run your life or who believe that just one more law will solve some social problem, even if it turns your life upside down.

Although libertarians disagree with each other on some issues, they are unanimous on the critical points:

Government is far too big and must be reduced dramatically.

It is wrong both unfair and harmful for government to stop a willing buyer and a willing seller from doing business with each other, and it is wrong for government to intervene in your personal life.

It is wrong to try to solve social problems by force.

Most of today’s social problems were caused or worsened by the government’s interference and we can solve those problems by reducing government, not by giving it more power.

A Free Society

And I think most libertarians share my dream of a free society.

In a libertarian America . . . 

You will pay no federal income, estate, or gift tax because a government limited by the Constitution will be small enough to get by on today’s tariffs and excise taxes.

No one will force you to pay 15% of your income to a fraudulent retirement scheme like Social Security. Every dollar you earn will be yours to spend, save, or give away as you see fit.

Your neighborhood will be safe because government will no longer foster a criminal black market in drugs. The nightmare of Prohibition will finally be over.

You can choose your own experts to help you decide which products are safe, effective, and beneficial for you. Federal regulation will no longer run up the price of everything you buy, hold down the wages you earn, or keep life-saving medicines out of your reach.

The federal government will obey all ten articles of the Bill of Rights not just the politicians’ favorites. Your person and property will be safe from arbitrary searches and seizures and your right to protect yourself, your family, and your home with a weapon will never be compromised.

You won’t have to fear that your children will fight and die in some other country’s war, or that terrorists will target your city. A Libertarian government will mind its own business, make no enemies abroad, and rely for peace on a strong defense against both missiles and invasion rather than trying to rule the world.

Freed of the income tax, you’ll be better able to support your church or your favorite cause. Politicians will no longer be able to feign compassion by taking your money and giving it to politically connected organizations and causes.

Freed of the income tax, you can use your own money to enroll your child in any private or religious school that meets your standards and values. You will control your children’s education completely, and they’ll no longer be prisoners of the educational bureaucracy.

By contrast . . . 

Meanwhile, the Democrats and Republicans in Washington mud-wrestle over vouchers, Medical Savings Accounts, dividing the loot taken from the tobacco companies, posturing about guns, claiming to make America a "drug-free zone," and determining the size of your toilet.

I hope as you read this book you’ll take a step back from politics as usual and ask yourself what you really want.

Will anything the politicians are doing change your life significantly for the better?

Will it make much difference if your income tax bill changes by $50 a year?

Will even changing to a different tax system reduce the terrible load you carry, so long as government continues to grow?

Do you really believe the political posturing over morality will actually improve the climate in your child’s school or in your community?

Do you think replacing one party’s education scheme with that of another will help your child learn more?

Or are these battles and all the others just more of the squabbling over spoils that has been Washington’s real business for the past 50 years?

The politicians compete to one-up each other and put rhetorical points on the scoreboard. But the outcome is predictable: no matter who wins on any issue, government continues to grow, and your freedom to control your own life continues to shrink.

We will never change America for the better by embroiling ourselves in today’s political battles. Instead, we must ignore the superficial differences of the two old parties, and work instead to build the kind of society most non-politicians really want the kind I’ve described, the kind our Founding Fathers had in mind for us.

Isn’t that what you really want?

An end to a $2 trillion government.

A return to a government tied down from mischief by "the chains of the Constitution," as Thomas Jefferson put it.

A society governed by individual liberty and personal responsibility rather than by the likes of Bill Clinton, Trent Lott, Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Teddy Kennedy.

Do You Want It?

Ah, but isn’t this just dreaming? How can we hope to make the extraordinary changes I’ve outlined?

I hope to show you in this book that we can achieve a free America. But we mustn’t put the cart before the horse.

The first question is: Do you want it?

Do you want smaller government? Do you want to be free of the income tax? Do you want to be free of the Social Security tax? Do you want your privacy back? Do you want your neighborhood to be free of criminal drug dealers?

If you could push a button right now and make these things happen, would you do it?

The first step is not to decide what the chances are, but to decide what you want.

Once having decided what you want, the second step is to stop supporting anyone who is moving in the opposite direction — in other words anyone who is making government bigger, no matter what excuses or promises he offers.