Email to LPUS March 3, 2005

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From: Eric Dondero
To: Joe Dehn
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 12:09 PM
Subject: Rockwell, Raimondo, biggest libertarian losers in Bush Doctrine success

Rockwell and Raimondo; the Biggest of all Losers in the libertarian movement on Bush’s foreign policy

by Eric Dondero R.

While all Anti-War libertarians are incredibly big losers in the recent successes of the Bush Doctrine Democracy breaking out with lightening speed in Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi and even Israel/Palestine post-Iraqi Electionsit is Lew Rockwell of and Justin Raimondo of and their allies who are the absolute BIGGEST LOSERS.

Just think about this for a second. Rockwell and Raimondo have been saying for years that Bush was going to be a huge failure. That the entire Middle East was going to explode over our invasion of Iraq. That it would NEVER cause democracy and freedom to flourish in other Nations in the Region. (Some would say that it even has had coat- tails outside of the Region, witness Ukraine).

So, why is it that Rockwell and Raimondo and the Paleo-libertarians are not being called on the carpet about all this?

Why is it that they are getting a free pass. Nobody is questioning them to explain why it is that all their predictions were DEAD WRONG???

The Libertarian Party has to answer to all its Members and its many critics (me included) each post-Election cycle for its failures to elect LPers to Congress and State Legislatures. It also gets called on the carpet, like at the recent LNC meeting, for membership declines.

The Republican Liberty Caucus has to answer for Republican candidates that the group supports and claims that are libertarian- leaning who make stupid-ass votes like recently for the Decency Act (every libertarian Republican Congressman except Ron stupidly voted in favor of the bill.) Even though I have been one of the loudest voices saying that Jeff Flake, Butch Otter, Tom Feeney and Rohrabacher are worthy of the label "libertarian," qu ite honestly, I’M DAMNED EMBARRASED AND UPSET BY THEIR VOTES. I deserve to be called on the carpet over this, as do other libertarian Republicans.

So, what about Rockwell and Raimondo? Huh? "What’s good for the goose . . ."

If the LP can take it in the chin for their failures, and the RLC can get constantly bashed (sometimes for very good reason) for its failings, why not the Paleos in our Movement?

Why is it that they seem to completely escape criticisms?

What could be more of a monumental dissaster of judgement than their constant criticisms of Bush’s foreign policy, which now even the most hardcore of Leftist Liberal critics (even Jon Stewart and Nancy Saudenburg on last night’s Comedy Central), are admitting "seems to be working."

Time for Raimondo to come clean. Time for him to sash on out of that posh swanky San Francisco apartment of his and admit he was wrong. Time for Rockwell to get out of that Ivory T ower over there in Auburn, Alabama and come clean by apologizing to the rest of the libertarian movement for his Bush bashing and idiotic foreign policy remarks post-9/11.

Lew and Justin, the libertarian world is waiting.

(tap, tap, tap, tap, tap)

*Note Eric Dondero is a former top staffer for US Congressman Ron Paul and the founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus. He is also one of the Co-Founders of the Neo-libertarian movement, which supports free market economics, civil liberties, but a hawkish/pro- military foreign policy, ala P.J. O’Rourke.