The Bush Doctrine

by Harry Browne

January 31, 2004       

David Kay (George Bush's personal weapons inspector) has made it clear that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and that the pre-war assertions of the danger from Iraq were wrong.

Should George Bush apologize to the American people?

No not according to David Kay. You see, it wasn't George Bush's fault. It was bad intelligence. Kay said:

I think if anyone was abused by the intelligence it was the president of the United States rather than the other way around.

George Bush was abused???

George Bush was abused???

Someone should pass on to Mr. Kay the immortal words of W.C. Fields that "you can't cheat an honest man."

  George Bush is the man who said he doesn't need to read newspapers or watch TV news (where he might see dissenting views) because everything he needs to know he gets from Condeleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld.

  This is the man whose Secret Service keeps all protesters out of sight of presidential parades, cavalcades, and rallies while lining up enthusiastic supporters to cheer the President.

  This is the man who came into the White House telling his aides that his only preconceived policy was to get rid of Saddam Hussein no matter what.

  This is the man who didn't bother to ask for hard evidence before telling Americans over and over that he was certain Hussein had chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

  This is the man who thinks his knowledge is so complete and infallible that we can junk the Bill of Rights, fair trials, and the rules of evidence and detain indefinitely anyone he thinks is a "bad guy."

  This is the man who had his aides tell Congressmen that Iraq had the ability to drop nuclear bombs on the East Coast of the United States.

  This is the man who wanted so much to believe that the WMDs had been found that he reacted to a report of the discovery of two mobile trailers by telling the world, "We found the weapons of mass destruction."

And we're supposed to believe this innocent little man was abused?

Even now he is unrepentant. He says the world is a better place with Hussein gone even though there are governments in power today that are far more oppressive than Hussein's (in China, for example).

Far from apologizing for the deaths his mistakes have caused, he implies that the thousands of deaths American and Iraqi were worthwhile because the surviving Iraqis are free today. But, of course, he has no knowledge of what "freedom" in Iraq is like today.

Ancient History

For almost 60 years, American Presidents have been pushing the world around. But they've been doing it pretty much in secret.

As a result, very few Americans are aware that U.S. money and forces were used to overthrow governments or to aid dictators in Iran, Indonesia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and many other countries. Unfortunately, however, the people in those countries are well aware of the U.S. role and they hate us for it.

I doubt that even one American in ten is aware that American airplanes bombed Iraq continually throughout the 1990s.

America subverted foreign governments using money, the CIA, special forces, and occasionally overt military power. But mostly it was done on the Q.T.

The New Doctrine

But now we have the Bush Doctrine.

No longer do American agents act in secret. It's all out in the open. In effect, this is what the Bush Doctrine says:

I am the King of the world. What I say goes. I decide which governments remain and which must be overthrown. Even the most oppressive governments may be able to remain if they pledge their allegiance to me. I decide who can have nuclear weapons and who can't. I decide who can live and who will die.

Some people are saying that George Bush is like Adolf Hitler.

But that's absurd. There's quite a bit of difference.

For example, when Hitler had been in power for three years, he hadn't invaded a single country. George Bush has already invaded two.