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June 17, 1933  -  March 1, 2006

Articles by Harry Browne, 2005

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Why You Are a Libertarian
December 18, 2005 — In the final analysis, your reasons are very simple, and they apply to almost everyone in the world.

The War on Strawmen
December 13, 2005 —  There is no 'War on Terrorism,' only the use of terrorism as an excuse to conduct one more perpetual war for perpetual peace.

Definitely Staged
November 11, 2005 — a cartoon by W. Hastings Hobbery that sums up perfectly what I wish I could do.

How Small Should Government Be?
August 19, 2005 — Why should small-government libertarians and anarcho-capitalists be arguing. We both want the same thing — smaller government.

Why Do They Hate Us So Much?
May 30, 2005 — If you wonder why billions of people have come to hate America, take a look at what U.S. presidents have done since World War II.

Defending the 'Good' Done in Iraq
April 28, 2005 — Some observations on a series of "Gotcha" questions circulating on the Internet and intended to make us ashamed for criticizing the war in Iraq.

An Anniversary Worth Remembering
April 9, 2005 — This day is worth observing, if only to remind us never again to be drawn into a fraudulent war.

Fool Me Once . . .
March 31, 2005 — We know "freedom" and "democracy" in Iraq were worth all the deaths because George Bush told us so. But how reliable is he? Here's an examination of most of the charges made against Saddam Hussein.

Can This Marriage Be Saved?
March 17, 2005 — Republicans never tire of suggesting that Libertarians could be far more effective within the Republican Party. All Libertarians have to do is to give up their principles.

Was George Bush Right?
March 10, 2005 — Some liberals are wondering whether recent events have proven Bush right. And conservatives are already celebrating what hasn't happened yet. Is it time to concede that we were wrong to oppose the killing?

The Attack on Syria Continues
March 9, 2005 — The demonizing of Syria continues. It isn't that Syria is a model country, but it would help if President Bush had some knowledge of the Middle East before he unleashes his dogs of war.

The Syrian Hoax
March 3, 2005 — The Bush propaganda machine is running 24/7 to make us hate another nation of human beings, while celebrating freedom's triumph in the Middle East, even though no one there has any more liberty than three years ago.

Protecting American Interests
February 27, 2005 — Why using the U.S. military to protect American "interests" leads not only to war and terrorism, but also to economic problems within the U.S.

Solving Problems in a Free Society
February 9, 2005 — Whatever the problem, it can be solved if people are free to make a profit doing so.

Why I Am Obsessed with War
January 28, 2005 — I refuse to forget the dead, or forget that they probably loved life as much as you or I do.

Can You Imagine?: Hussein Was Right & Bush Was Wrong
January 15, 2005 — What does that tell us about the state of affairs in America today?

Should the U.S. Military Be Allowed to Use Torture?
January 11, 2005 — Discussions about the military's use of torture are missing the point.

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