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Articles by Harry Browne, 2004

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The Future Is Not Hopeless
December 30, 2004 — Why you should not despair and why you should not give up.

Why We Must Stay in Iraq (or Not)
December 24, 2004 — A USA Today article advocating immediate withdrawal from Iraq has provoked indignant responses. Let's see whether those responses make sense.

What Your Government Is Doing for (to) You
December 17, 2004 — Maybe there's really some good in the $388 bill Omnibus Spending Bill, and why that good (if it exists) can be the most harmful ingredient of all.

Congressional & Presidential Irresponsibility
December 3, 2004 — No one reads the bills they pass or sign, and then they're shocked to discover that they approved of something they didn't want.

The Bush Doctrine: Selective Bullying
November 23, 2004 — The Bush administration picks only on nations that can't hurt us. So Russia's new weapons systems are a matter of no concern.

The Libertarian Vote Total
November 9, 2004 — Why the Libertarian presidential campaign is a valuable asset for the Libertarian Party and the libertarian movement, and why its vote total is the least important indicator at this point.

A Forgotten Day & a Forgotten Country
October 28, 2003 — A reprise of last year's article on the anniversary of the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty. The America celebrated by that statue no longer exists, however.

Leave our Children Alone (Video)
October 8, 2004 — There's only one way to improve the nation's schools: get the government completely out of schooling. How much better would the schools be? How would poor children be educated? The answers are in this Harry Browne video presentation from Free Market News Network.

George Bush, the Fiscal Conservative?
October 12, 2004 — President Bush made fun of John Kerry in last week's debate, saying, "And here he says he's going to be a fiscal conservative, all of a sudden. It's just not credible." But how does George Bush rank fiscally against other modern presidents?

Can America Bring Peace to the World?
October 4, 2004 — There are many grand plans by which our government will make the world a better place. But before getting carried away with any, perhaps we should examine the results of the past grand plans.

The Questions That Won't Be Asked in the Presidential Debate
September 30, 2004 — Asking the wrong questions is as bad as getting the wrong answers. And we certainly can't expect pointed questions from the people who depend on the politicians for access to news. Here are some important questions that won't get asked tonight.

Harry's Adventures in Wonderland

September 26, 2004 — It sometimes feels as though we've passed through the looking glass. America seems all backward today.

An Iraq Strategy to Reelect George Bush
September 17, 2004 — How could George Bush assure his reelection? By doing exactly what we wish he would do.

Education for All
September 17, 2004 — How would poor children get an education if there were no government schools? The answer is simple.

When Will We Learn?
September 12, 2001 — This article, written on 9/11 and published the following day, is as relevant today as it was then. At the end of the article, you can follow the links to three other articles in the series.

What Can We Do about Terrorism?
October 4, 2001 — A 3-part series presenting an approach to fighting terrorism that isn't considered by today's politicians. Written a few weeks after 9/11. Some of the links in the articles have been broken by their sources.

Goebbels Rallies the People
September 7, 2004 — Aren't we lucky that we don't live in a country that idolizes a Führer? Or do we?

Free the Airwaves!
July 13, 2004 — The FCC gets to decide what you can see and hear. Perhaps we should decide not to have an FCC.

Free the Schools!
July 2, 2004 — There's only one way to improve education in America.

Can George Bush Be Americanized?
June 26, 2004 — A brief review of one of the best anti-war movies ever made.

The Quintessential Politician
June 22, 2004 — A clear-eyed look at the real legacy left by Ronald Reagan, which was quite different from the one depicted on television during the media circus.

In Praise of the Libertarian Party
June 5, 2004 — Why the party is an important part of the libertarian movement, and why it runs a presidential campaign.

How Much Is Hussein's Departure Worth?
May 27, 2004 — It's easy to say "the world is a better place with Saddam Hussein gone." But at what price? And there's only one price that has any meaning.

We Believe in You
July 2, 2000 — With Libertarians about to choose their 2004 presidential candidate, Harry Browne's acceptance speech at the 2000 LP national convention is a reminder of what Libertarians stand for.

Who's Responsible for the Iraqi Prisoner Abuse?
May 7, 2004 — War and atrocities go together like ham and eggs. That means only one person is responsible for the atrocities, and he's too dense to realize it.

Bush's Tap Dance (audio)
April 15, 2004 — Audio: Jim Sorensen of Free Market News Network interviews Harry Browne on foreign policy and a variety of other topics.

The 19 Dumbest Statements of the Past Week
April 20, 2004 — Politicians say some pretty inane things. This past week produced a lot of them. Here are the 19 dumbest of the bunch.

As Usual, the Wrong Question Is Being Asked
April 9, 2004 — Is Richard Clarke telling the truth or just trying to sell books? That's the wrong question. If we really want to prevent future 9/11s, we have to start asking the right question.

George Bush, Lying, & the Dogs of War
March 26, 2004 — The attack dogs have been set loose on Richard Clarke, while George Bush engages in revisionist history, inventing new reasons for going to war with Iraq.

The 'Exporting Jobs' Scam
March 13, 2004 — Why are corporations using foreign workers when they could be employing Americans. You would, too.

Is America Losing Its Manufacturing Base?
February 23, 1992 — A partner to the "exporting jobs" complaint is the fear that America doesn't do enough manufacturing. This article from 1992 explains why that's not a problem, and provides tips for seeing through economic fallacies.

What the Martha Stewart Case Means to You
March 5, 2004 — She was accused of three types of activity that should never be crimes, and the conviction rested on the statements of a witness who was coerced into testifying against her.

Here's How to Defend Marriage
February 18, 2004 — What is it that must be defended? And why on earth would we want the government to do so?

The Bush Doctrine
January 31, 2004 — Was George Bush misled by faulty intelligence?

Is War Necessary? - Part II
January 28, 2004 — Readers comment on Harry's January 16th article, and Harry replies.

Bill Clinton on Steroids
January 22, 2004 — Is there any area of our lives about which George Bush doesn't feel he's competent to dictate?

Is War Necessary?
January 16, 2004 — We're told that it's necessary sometimes to go to war to defend yourself. But is it? Here are two examples that disprove that contention, as well as an answer to the question, "What would you do about the terrorists?"

Lying for a Living
January 7, 2004 — Politicians routinely lie. Their lies have caused thousands of deaths in Iraq. But their lies also permeate practically every area of our lives.

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