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Articles by Harry Browne, 2003

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How Do I Liberate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
December 15, 2003 — The celebration over the capture of Saddam Hussein calls attention to the emptiness of political rhetoric. What does the "liberation of Iraq" mean, for example?

Your Innocence Is No Protection
December 6, 2003 — When the politicians tell you that innocent people have no reason to fear the Patriot Act or some other government intrusion, remember all the innocent people who have been hurt by the Drug War and other government save-the-world endeavors.

The Civil Rights Laws & the Growth of Government
November 19, 2003 — The civil rights laws provide a perfect example of the way well-intentioned government programs are turned inside-out by the political process.

A Forgotten Day & a Forgotten Country
October 28, 2003 — Celebrating what no longer exists — the land of liberty, as embodied in the Statue of Liberty, whose birthday it is today.

The Limits of Gun Ownership
October 23, 2003 — Should there be any limits on the right to own a gun? Here's why the answer is no.

What Liberals Can Learn from the War
October 11, 2003 — Liberals generally oppose the settling of international disputes by force. The same principle applied to domestic affairs could produce a far more peaceful, far more prosperous, far more compassionate America.

The Pathetic State of Politics
September 26, 2003 — The enthusiasm for Schwarzenegger and Clark by party hacks demonstrates how low politics has sunk.

Pay No Attention to This Day
September 17, 2003 — This day should be a cause of national celebration. Instead, it's ignored, while various silly days are given great respect.

When Will We Learn?
September 12, 2001 — A reprise of the article published the day after the 9/11 attacks. Now, with two years of hindsight at my disposal, I wouldn't change a word of it.

What Should We Do about Terrorism?
A series of articles written in 2001 and 2002 about the terrorist threat — what works and what doesn't work to try to reduce the danger from terrorism.

Is the World a Better Place with Hussein Gone?
August 8, 2003 — Don't be intimidated by those who try to back you into a corner by asking whether you deny that George Bush did the world a favor by getting rid of Hussein.

What Happened to the U.S. Economy
July 30, 2003 — The economy has been ailing for a lot longer than just the past three years. Here's a graphic look at it, and how to protect yourself.

Uncelebrating the Fourth
July 4, 2003 — The 4th of July commemorates an America that no longer exists, but it could exist again.

The 7 Never-to-be-Forgotten Principles of Government
July 1, 2003 — Here are the characteristics of every government program — the ones you like and the ones you don't like. Think about them the next time you're tempted to propose a new government program, law, or regulation.

Free Martha Stewart!
June 4, 2003 — So-called 'insider trading' is a victimless crime. No one is hurt by it, but it allows the politicians to pose as your friends and make more promises that they can't keep.

The Anti-American Loathing by Many War Hawks
May 30, 2003 — Those who claim it's patriotic to support a war often display a fervent contempt for American ideals. A good example is a recent article by Jerry Falwell. Here Harry Browne critiques the anti-American sentiments.

Does the Constitution Contain a Right to Privacy?
May 9, 2003 — Too many politicians say the "so-called" right to privacy appears nowhere in the Constitution and was invented by liberal judges. Perhaps those politicians should read the Constitution a little more closely.

How We Can Downsize D.C.
May 5, 2003 — The new American Liberty Foundation project to promote repealing all federal income taxes by reducing government makes a lot more sense than might seem evident at first glance.

Libertarians & War
May 3, 2003 — Support for the war on Iraq violates a whole series of libertarian principles. How then can libertarians support it?

America - Love It or Leave It
April 25, 2003 — Those who don't like the American traditions of peace, freedom, individualism, privacy, and small government might be happier living somewhere else.

Freedom from the Income Tax
April 15, 2003 — The benefits to flow from repealing the federal income tax are virtually limitless. And it's the single issue on which we can rally the most Americans to support a return to constitutional government.

Crimes against Humanity by John Pilger
April 10, 2003 — We don't usually include material from other sites here, but this article sums up superbly the terrible crimes committed by the U.S. and British governments, as well as the complicity of the press in these crimes.

All Hail the Liberators
April 11, 2003 — "Liberation" means different things to different people. Let us hope the liberation of Iraq doesn't turn out like the liberation of Afghanistan. Why we must continue to oppose this war, even when we have no hope of stopping it.

Rule-the-World Productions Proudly Presents
March 31, 2003 — If you like "Operation Iraqi Freedom," you'll love the Coming Attractions.

Support Our Boys in Uniform
March 18, 2003 — If we really care about our men in uniform, we don't show it by supporting the man who is putting them in harm's way.

Bring Back America
March 13, 2003 — I don't like what America is becoming: the destruction of the Bill of Rights, the government propaganda, and the bullying that incites terrorists. What I want is the original America back.

Those Shameful Frenchmen
February 22, 2003 — Why the European people are less enthusiastic about "regime change" and "liberating" Iraq than Americans are.

"What Can I Do to Stop the War?"
February 13, 2003 — The war wagon may seem unstoppable, but stranger things have happened. Here are some suggestions of ways by which you just might stop a war.

A Little History Can Be a Dangerous Thing
February 12, 2003 — Those who recite historical slogans (such as "we should have stopped Hitler at Munich") to justify war today should make an effort to learn history before reciting it.

The Powell Presentation
February 8, 2003 — Colin Powell's speech at the United Nations raised new questions about the honesty of the Bush administration.

The Incident
February 3, 2003 — So many American wars have started as the result of "an incident" — something that seemed to make it imperative for America to go to war, but that turned out later to have been far different from what it had seemed at the time. Is that what will happen to demolish the current anti-war sentiment in the United States?

Unasked Questions
January 29, 2003 — Assertions are made about the Iraq situation that are never questioned by the press. Here are some of the questions that should be asked.

Selling Liberty
January 26, 2003 — Here are some pointers to keep in mind when trying to sell your beliefs in freedom to friends and associates. (These are notes from Harry Browne's radio show of January 26.) 

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