1.  In Praise of American Business (Unpublished Manuscript)
 2.  Genesis "The Money Show" (Audio Tapes)
 3.  Financial TV interviews (Video Tapes)
 4.  Financial Investment Speeches (Audio Tapes, Video Tapes, CDs)
 5.  Harry Browne's Special Reports Front Page Articles
 6.  Financial Radio Interviews (Reel-to-Reel)
 7.  Fail-Safe Investing (1998) How you can create a bulletproof portfolio you can walk away from — while protecting you from inflation, deflation, or recession, while allowing you to profit from prosperous periods. (Book)
 8.  The Economic Time Bomb (1989) The dangers that investors worry about, and how to be protected against all of them. (Book)
 9.  Why the Best-Laid Investment Plans Usually Go Wrong (1987) A critique of all the investment and speculative trading systems that purport to beat the markets. Guess what — none of them can be relied upon. (Book)
10. Investment Rule #1 (privately published, 1985) What is the one investment rule you can rely on no matter what? (Book)
11. Inflation-Proofing Your Investments (with Terry Coxon, 1981) The introduction of the Permanent Portfolio plan. The investments suggested have been superseded by the latest version of Fail-Safe Investing. (Book)
12. New Profits from the Monetary Crisis (1978 ) An outdated explanation of the investment markets. (Book)
13. Harry Browne's Complete Guide to Swiss Banks (1976) A lot of useful information about Switzerland; however, the bank information is no outdated. (Book)
14. You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis (1974) A clear and extensive explanation of how government intervention perverts the free market. (Book)
15. How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation (1970) A clear and extensive explanation of how the government money system perverts the free market. (Book)
16. Harry Browne Special Reports, complete newsletter sets from Issue 1- 190.

 1.  The War Racket (Manuscript)
 2.  The Great Libertarian Offer + 4 Harry Browne TV Commercials 1996 (Video)
 3.  Harry Browne for President - Liberty Is America's Destiny 1996 (Video)
 4.  American Way Articles
 5.  1996 & 2000 Presidential Campaign Speeches (Audio & Video Tapes, CDs)
 6.  1996 & 2000 Presidential Campaign Radio Shows (Audio Tapes)
 7.  1996 & 2000 Presidential Campaign TV interviews (Video Tapes)
 8.  1996 & 2000 Presidential Campaign Newspaper Interviews
 9.  The Liberty Hour with Harry Browne - Liberty Hour Productions (DVD)
10. This Week in Liberty with Harry Browne - Free Market News Network eTV shows (Audio Tapes)
11. Talk America Radio Shows "Libertarian Conversation with Harry Browne" (Audio Tapes)
12. Radio America Radio Shows "Libertarian Conversation with Harry Browne" (Audio Tapes)
13. Genesis Libertarian Conversation with Harry Browne (Audio Tapes)
14. Harry Browne Web Site Articles
15. Harry Browne Press Kit by Polaris Productions dated 2-28-02 (Video)
16. Harry Browne Special Reports Front Page Articles (Newsletter Articles)
17. Liberty A to Z (2004) 872 libertarian soundbites you can use right now. (Book)
18. The Great Libertarian Offer (2000) A summary of how libertarian programs can solve America's problems. (Book)
19. Why Government Doesn’t Work (1995) — Why all those government programs have failed to live up to the promises made when they were enacted — a program by program critique of government health care, education, crime control, foreign policy, and much more. (Book)
20. Newspaper Clippings - 1996 & 2000 Presidential campaign articles from newspapers across the country.

1.  How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (1973) How you can apply libertarian principles to your personal life to have greater freedom from those who would like to tell you how to live your life — whether the government, relatives, friends, or just nosey people. (Book)
2.  The Art of Profitable Living Course - Sessions 1-8 (Reel-to-Reel & Manuscript)
3.  The Economics of Success Course - Sessions 1-8 (Reel-to-Reel)
4.  The Economics of Freedom Course - (Reel-to-Reel)

1.  The Original Music of Harry Browne: Prelude in B-Flat, Nocturne in A-Flat, Waltz in G, Life Belongs to You, A Song Fantasy, Three Waltzes, Jeannens Marsch, Four Songs, Polonaise a la Tchaikovsky, Sonata in E-flat, The Story of Love, The Nature of Me, etc. (Audio, Reel-to-Reel, & Sheet Music)

1.  Selling is Easy (Manuscript)

 1. Album, photographs, 5 x 7, Harry Browne professional photographs
 2. Album, photographs, 10 x 14, Harry on campaign trail
3. Scrap Book, Yankee Clipper, 24 x 26, unused
 4. Albums (Photo & Scrapbooks), (12), Browne Family
 5. Album, memorabilia, Harry's personal life
 6. Album, CDs, 32, personal music
 7. Album, CDs, 24, personal music
 8. Album, memorabilia, Harry Browne early business career
 9. Album, photographs, 4 x 6, Harry Browne on campaign trail
10. Album, memorabilia, Harry Browne 1996 & 2000 campaign
11. Album, photographs, 6 x 5,

1. Passports
2. Drivers Licenses
3. Bank Books

1. Magazines, (28), articles about or by Harry Browne (Money & Politics, NY Times Magazine, etc.)

1. (175) Political, Economic, Investment, Music books
2. Appointment Books, 1961-1986
3. Harry Browne books, leather bound, (9)
4. Books about Switzerland, (7)
5. Church Manual of The First Church of Christ Scientist, in Boston Mass. by Mary Baker Eddy, monogrammed "Harry E. Browne"
6. Baby Book, "A Record of Our Baby's Life", signed "To Harry Edson Browne from his Auntie Nell (White)".

1. Harry Browne books signed to Pamela Wolfe Browne from Harry Browne, (19)
2. Books on First Ladies, (5)

1. (3) The Great Libertarian Offer Video (Now Includes Five Harry Browne TV Commercials) Sealed & Signed
2. (4) The Great Libertarian Offer Video (Now Includes Five Harry Browne TV Commercials) Unsealed & Signed
3. (34) The Great Libertarian Offer Video (Now Includes Five Harry Browne TV Commercials) Sealed & Unsigned
4. (2) The Great Libertarian Offer Video (Now Includes Five Harry Browne TV Commercials) Unsealed & Unsigned
5. (15) Liberty Is America's Destiny! 1996 Libertarian National Convention ~ Harry Browne ~ Libertarian for President Unsealed & Unsigned
6. (5) The Race for the Presidency ~ A Conversation with Harry Browne Produced by PMB Productions for Democracy 1996 ~ A PBS Special Unsealed & Unsigned
7. (5) Harry Browne Video Press Kit + Economic Club of Detroit Speech Press Kit: 17 Minutes + Econ Club Detroit Sept., 2000: 56 Minutes Unsealed & Unsigned
8. (4) Harry Browne Video Press Kit + Economic Club of Detroit Speech Press Kit: 17 Minutes + Econ Club Detroit Sept., 2000: 56 Minutes Plastic Covers & Unsigned
9. (11) American Liberty Foundation TV Gun Spots "Intruder", "Yard Sign", & "Mommy" Sealed & Unsigned
10. (1) American Liberty Foundation TV Gun Spots "Intruder", "Yard Sign", & "Mommy" Unsealed & Unsigned
11. (7) Harry Browne Press Kit 2/18/02 Polaris Productions Digital Jungle Post Production Plastic Covers & Unsigned

1.  (1) Harry Browne Special Services Show, Fort Huachuca, CA (1950s)
2.  (1) Gloria & Harry Browne Show, Tombstone High School, Tombstone, Arizona (May 16, 1956)
3.  (28) Opera Rarities - Volume 1 (Chosen by Harry Browne) Liner Notes Booklet written by Harry
4.  (11) Opera Instrumental Rarities - Volume 1 (Chosen by Harry)
5.  (1) The World's Most Beautiful Music, Volume 1 (Chosen by Harry Browne) Liner Notes written by Harry
6.  (1) The World's Most Beautiful Music, Volume 1 Liner Notes written by Harry
7.  (1) Operetta Favorites - Volume 1 (Chosen by Harry Browne)
8.  (5) French Orchestral Favorites (Chosen by Harry Browne)
9.  (5) Zarzuela Instrumental Favorites (Chosen by Harry Browne)
10. (3) Ernesto Lecuona (Favorites Chosen by Harry Browne)
11. (3) Wiener Geschichten (Viennese Stories) Austrian Television Concert, 1981
12. (2) Big Band Favorites - Volume 1, 2, 3, & 4 (Chosen by Harry Browne)
13. (1) Frederick Delius  (Favorites Chosen by Harry Browne)
14. (1) Koanga Acts I, II, & III
15. (1) A Village Romeo & Juliet (A Walk to the Paradise Garden)
16. (1) Koanga - Epilogue
17. (2) The Music of Albert Ketelbey (Favorites Chosen by Harry Browne)
18. (1) Franz Lehar -
The Land of Smiles: Helen Donath, Siegfried Jerusalem, Renate Holm, Willi Brokmeier, Kurt     Bohme, Willy Mattes, Conductor, Gruanke Symphony
19. (1) Bob Crosby's - Bobcats:
1. San Antonio Shout 2. Dixieland Shuffle 3. Spain 4. Who's Sorry Now? 5. Jazz Me Blues 6. Mournin' Blues 7. Avalon 8. March of the Mustangs 9. Till We Meet Again 10. That's a Plenty 11. Washington & Lee Swing 12. You're Drivin' Me Crazy 13. Love Nest 14. Stomp Mr. Henry Lee 15. Granpa Spells 16. Sugar Foot Stomp 17. Come Bank, Sweet Papa (Harry used this as his sign off on The Money Show.)
20. (1) Vasili Kalinnov - 1-4 Symphony #1 & 5-8 Symphony #2: Neemi Jarvi, Conductor Royal Scottish National Orchestra
21. (1) Bob Crosby:
1. The Devil & Deep Blue Sea 2. Gin Mill Blues 3. Fidgety Feet 4. At the Jazz Band Ball 5. D Natural Blues 6. Panama 7. March of the Bobcats 8. The Old Spinning Wheel 9. Dogtown Blues 10. Semper Fidelis 11. Stars & Stripes Forever 12. The Thunderer 13. Washington Post March 14. Wolverine Blues 15. Cattin' on the Keys 16. Paducah Parade 17. Stomp Off, Let's Go 19. Sugar Foot Strut 19. Squeeze Me 20. High Society 21. Magnolia St. Parade 22. Dixieland Suffle 23. El Capitan 24. High School Cadets 25. Bluin' the Blues 26. South Rampart Street Parade
22. (1) Luciano Pavarotti:
1. Puccini: Turandot - Nessun Dorma 2. Puccini: La Boheme - Che Gelida Manina 3. De Curtis: Torna a Surriento 4. Leoncavallo: Paliacci - Vesti la Giubba 5. Tosti: Aprile 6. Verdi: Requiem - Ingemisco 7. Mascagni: Amico Fritz - Tuto ho tentato 8. Tosti: Chanson de l'adieu 9. Puccini: Tosca - Recondita armonia 10. Bixio: Cantate con me 11. Giordano: Fedora - Amor ti vieta 12. Leoncavallo: Mattinata 13. D'Anzi: Malinconia de'amore 14. Gastaldon: Musica proibita 15. De Curtis: Non ti scordar di me 16. Di Capua: O Sole Mio 17. Verdi: Rigoletto - La Donna e Mobile 18. De Crescenzo: Rondine al nido 19. Tosti: A vucchella 20. Puccini: Tuandot - Non piangere Liu & Act I finale


1. Political Campaign Buttons, 32, Harry Browne for President, framed
 2. Political Campaign Buttons, 50, Harry Browne for President
 3. Sweatshirts and T-shirts, (8), Harry Browne for President
4. Deck of Politicards, Year 2000, 54 comic caricatures of political figures, 6 clubs = Harry Browne depicted as Paul Revere carrying a lantern in one hand and his campaign book, Why Government Doesn't Work in the other.
 5. Toys "R" Us Kids Vote 2000 Presidential Cards, laminated
 6. Baseball Cap, white, Harry Browne for President, Libertarian in '96
 7. Baseball Cap, navy, '96 Campaign C-Span
 8. Baseball Cap, white, Election '96, The Declaration of Independents
 9. Photographs, 20 x 24, Faneuil Hall Speech, framed
10. Tile, Faneuil Hall, Screen Craft Original, Ceramic, Hand Decorated
11. Comic Strip, "Definitely Staged", Harry Browne in wheelchair pulling down Bush statue, framed
12. Comic Strip, "'96 Debate Planning", Harry Browne with Larry King, framed
13. Paperweight, antique, glass, Statue of Liberty, original photograph
14. Coin, sterling silver, 1987, Lt. Colonel Oliver L. North
15. Mugs, coffee, (2), Harry Browne for President '96,
16. Signs, campaign, cardboard, Harry Browne for President, '96
17. Mug, Coffee, (1), "The Liberty Hour with Harry Browne"
18. Mugs, (2), 1996 Campaign C-Span
19. Poster, photograph, 24 x 36, black and white, Harry Browne with beard
20. Mouse Pad, "The Liberty Hour with Harry Browne"
21. Mouse Pad, "Harry Browne for President Victory 2000"
22. Silver Coin, 1995 Kuapapa Mo I, Hawaii Bi-centennial, #905, Mintmaster "B"
23. Pocket Knife, Libertarian Party of Indiana, Pewter
24. Pen, Silver Eagle Fine Writing Instruments, Fountain,
25. Statue of Liberty, Shelia's, 1998, Wood, NPTO2
26. Statue, White House, Shelia's, 1998, Wood, NPTO1
27. Business Cards, (500) Harry Browne Libertarian President '96 Committee to Nominate Harry Browne for President
28. Business Cards, (70) Harry Browne for President (Jo Jorgensen for Vice President) Washington, DC
29. Business Cards, (80) Browne Libertarian for President Harry Browne, Arlington Virginia
30. Business Cards, (255) Harry Browne for President ~ Libertarian in '96 Committee to Nominate Harry Browne for President
31. Card, Libertarian Party Life Member, #207466
32. Card, 2004 Libertarian Party Membership, #207466

1.  Swiss Army Knife, "Foco Bank"
 2.  Letter Opener, Pewter, "Harry Browne New Orleans '88"
3.  Article, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, March 31, 1974, framed
 4.  Article, From the New York Times Book Review Best Seller List, #1 on General List, You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, April 28, 1974, framed
 5.  Article, From the New York Times Book Review Best Seller List, #10 on General List, How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation, February 7, 197_, framed
 6.  Bookends, Bull & Bear, brass
 7.  Cup, pewter, "Swiss Money Seminar 1981 Zurich"
 8.  Mug, silver, "W.S.W. (Wall Street Week) Harry Browne, March, 1984"
 9.  Mug, silver, "W.S.W. (Wall Street Week) Harry Browne, 1973-1974
10. Cup, pewter, "Foco Bank, 25 Years, 1958-1983", Etain Sigg Zimm Frauenfeld
11. Tic-Tac-Toe Desk Set, Bulls & Bears, Brass & Silver Metal, from Autumn Browne
12. Kaber Hunting Knife from 1970s survival kit.

 1. Jewelry Dish, brass, "HB" monogram
 2. Snow Globe, Photo of Harry Browne & Pamela Wolfe Browne "Happy Holidays from Frank & Shelda Bond" from The Foundation Group, 12-19-98
 3. Envelope Stamp, brass, "Browne, Box 776, Diablo, CA. 94528"
 4. Piano Leg Cups, (3), wood, from Steinway grand piano
 5. Coaster, needlepoint, "B" monogram
 6. Music Box, 1981, Enesco wood grand piano from Pamela Wolfe Browne
 7. Music Box, Reuge Swiss Movement, Photo of Swiss Alps, to HB from Pamela Wolfe Browne, 11-2-90
 8. Music Box, Grand Piano, Wood, "Fur Eloise"
 9. Cup, ceramic, Claudia Rubrecht, Kunstkeramik, Zurich
10. Cigarette Box, antique, wood & mother-of-pearl
11. Cigarette Box, brown, marble
12. Cigarette Box, sterling silver, Birks EP-NS
13. Cigarette Box, brass, Made in India
14. Handkerchiefs, (5), cotton
15. Hair Brushes, (2), boar bristle, made in Switzerland
16. Radio Ear Phones, Optimus
17. Cell Phone, Motorola, Star Tac
18. Eyeglass Holder, Brass, "HB"
19. Travel Clock, Howard Miller, goldtone, "Harry Browne" monogram
20. Travel Toiletry Case, Buxton, leather, "HB" monogram
21. Key Rings, (4), Brass Piano "Harry" monogram, etc.
22. Framed Needlepoint, Statue of Liberty, 1886-1996, handmade by Pamela Wolfe Browne, 1997
23. Framed Stamps, 32 cent Statue of Liberty
24. Bookends, Bull and Bear, Brass
25. Mercedez Benz Took Kit
26. Bookend, Ceramic on Wood, Bird
27. Plaque, Burlwood, from Harry Browne custom-made executive desk
28. Photograph, framed, black and white, Harry's parents, 1920s
29. Deck of Cards, Statue of Liberty, vintage, plastic container
30. Snow Globe, Americana, wood and glass, musical, "America the Beautiful"
31. Christmas Ornament, Wood, Statue of Liberty, from Smithsonian Institute
32. Box, Limoges-style, Statue of Liberty, Two's Company, from daughter, Autumn Lee Browne, June 17, 1998
33. Shoe Horn, horn, 24"
34. Bookends, Marble, (2)
35. Christmas Ornament, glass, Statue of Liberty, EuroVue, made in Poland, from David Bergland & Sharon Ayres
36. Pen Holder & Pen, Marble, from Harry Browne's desk
37. Letter Opener, "Talk America", scrimshaw eagles
38. China, Statue of Liberty, S.C. Co., Martha Washington Pattern & Saxon China, 28 pieces, (12) saucers, (5) small bowls, (2) large bowls, (6) dinner plates, (2) large platters, (1) mush bowl

1. Watercolor, 8 1/2 x 11, Harry Browne speaking before the Washington, D.C. host Lion Club, Sept. 23, 1963, Mayflower Hotel, by Justin Cabree, framed
 2. Watercolor, 9 x 12, Harry Browne speaking at NCMR conference, framed
3. Watercolor, 24 x 32, "Protect Yourself Now", by George Burton, 1973, framed
 4. Oil Painting, antique, reverse painted, oval, Statue of Liberty, framed

1.  Belt, large gold buckle and brown leather, "Made in France"
2.  Tie Travel Case, Hartmann, nylon and leather
3.  Ties, (4) Designer, worn during 1996 & 2000 campaigns
4.  Tuxedo, Sir Anthony, black, custom made in Switzerland
5.  Tuxedo Shirt, Van Laack, Sir Anthony, ivory, custom made in Switzerland
6.  Cumberbund, black
7.  Shoes, tuxedo, Bally, Size 12
8.  Handkerchief, silk, ivory
9.  Tie, bow, silk, black
10. Tie, bow, silk, ivory
11. Tuxedo Studs, black, goldtone
12. Cummerbund, black and silver paisley
13. Jacket, Corduroy, navy blue, custom made
14. Shirt, cotton, long-sleeve, blue, custom made by Sabrina's in Hong Kong, "HB" sleeve cuff monogram
15. Shirt, cotton, long-sleeve, white, custom made by Sabrina's in Hong Kong, "HB" sleeve cuff monogram
16. Belt, Coach, leather, black
17. Tie, Pierre Cardin, silk, navy and red
18. Scarf, wool, gray, made in Germany
19. Ear Muffs, black
20. Coat, suede, fur lining, made in France by Zilli expressly for Bon Genie, Grieder, Switzerland
21. Gloves, gray, Isotoner 
22. Boots, Seal and leather, fleece lined, Kandahar, 45, 761827
23. Loungewear Top, Diamant's, Silk, Burgundy & Black
24. Wedding Suit, British Tailor & Co., Gray, Wool, Pinstripe with Sabrina's custom made monogrammed shirt & Bosca black leather belt
25. Wedding Gown, Ivory, Strapless with matching mutton-sleeve jacket, floral wreath headpiece and veil, petticoat, and wedding pillow. 

1. Candle Snuffer, porcelain iris
2. Photographs, 20 x 24, Harry Browne personal and business photos, framed
3. Statue of Liberty, statue
4. Photographs, 20 x 24, Harry Browne early childhood to adulthood
5. Oil Lamp, etched, Statue of Liberty
6. Guest Book, Tatrus Castle handmade original, wood and leather bound
7. Wreath, vine and floral, heart shape, handmade by Pamela Wolfe Browne, on stand

1. 2000, Lights of Liberty Certificate Award presented by Advocates for Self-Government (Speaking Category)
 2. 2000, Lights of Liberty Certificate Award presented by Advocates for Self-Government (Writing Category)
3. 2001, Lights of Liberty Certificate Award presented by Advocates for Self-Government (Light of Liberty)
 4. Outstanding Work on Behalf of Illinois Taxpayers Certificate of Award, Sept. 24, 1996
 5. Special Recognition Outstanding Work in the 1996 U.S. Presidential Campaign Certificate Award, LP of Illinois Convention, 1997
 6. "Talk America Radio Network", "Harry Browne, Acrylic Square
 7. LP of Georgia Appreciation Award, Campaign 2000, "Harry Browne President of the United States", Handmade Multi-color Glass Plaque
 8. Cato Institute Recognition, Thomas Jefferson Stamp Issued 1960, Framed, #990 of 8000
 9. Live, Laugh, Love Leave-a-Legacy Award, Rotary Club of San Francisco, 1996-1997, Featured Speaker, Crystal Glass Memorial
10. LP of Massachusetts, "Harry Browne, President of United States, November 7, 2000
11. Promoting Individual Freedom & Personal Responsibility Certificate Award, LP of Volusia County, Florida, July 14, 2001
12. NCMR (National Committee of Monetary Reform) Featured Speaker, 1985, Wood Plaque
13. Thomas Jefferson Award for Lifetime Achievement in the LP, Libertarian National Committee, 2006, Crystal triangle, hand blown with cobalt blue glass interior
14. Thomas Paine Statue of Liberty Award, "Harry Browne", clear crystal
15. Gun Rights Defender of the Month Award, December 1999

1. Cuff Links (1) pair Tigers Eye & Goldtone
 2. Cuff Links (2) Goldtone
 3. Cuff Links, (1) Amethyst & Silvertone
 4. Cuff Links  (1) Silk & Goldtone
 5. Cuff Links  (1) Faux Star Sapphire & Silvertone
 6. Button Covers, (3) sets, handmade by Pamela Wolfe Browne
 7. Tie Clasp, Goldtone, "B" monogram
8. Tie Bar (1), Goldtone/Silvertone Pierre Cardin
 9. Tie Bar (1) Goldtone Hickok
10. Tie Bar (1) Goldtone Swank
11. Tie Bar (1) Silvertone & Tigers Eye


(55) Liberty A-Z (Cardcover Books)
(45) Fail-Safe Investing (Hardcover Books)