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The books listed below were written by Harry Browne. They are available as eBooks, paperbacks, audio albums, and/or hardcover at Amazon.com. His widow, Pamela Wolfe Browne, owns the copyright to Harry Browne’s work. If you have copyright questions, please contact: plwbrowne@harrybrowne.org. Note: There are other authors by the name of Harry Browne or Harry Brown. The books below are the only ones written by Harry Edson Browne.

Libertarian FAQ – 20 Interviews, 30 Interview Tips, & 80 Candidate Preparatory Questions (2013) A guide for libertarians who want to effectively communicate in a short, plainspoken manner their libertarian viewpoints to family, friends, and acquaintances as well as answers to questions non-libertarians may be pondering. In addition, a beneficial guide for libertarians who are running, or are considering running, for public office - whether at the federal, state, or local level.
Great Libertarian Speeches (2013) All of Harry Browne’s speeches, whether they were about economics, politics, or self-help, were grounded in the libertarian philosophy of personal responsibility and freedom from government. All the ideas he presented were his own and unique. And the ideas flowed from a single principle - each person thinks for himself and decides for himself no matter how much other people try or want to believe that they can control him with social pressure, regulations, or laws.

Rule Your World! (Finding Freedom & Living Profitably) (2013) This course, an eight-lecture series, examines individual happiness, morality, decision-making, developing a code of conduct, freedom, and many other important topics. It provides you with the tools you need to live your life the way you see fit. It will put you on the path to a freer, happier life, it will inspire you to take greater responsibility for your life — to quit focusing on the shortcomings of others and use the sovereignty you have to take control of your own life and make the most of it. Rule Your World! can make your life much freer and happier.

You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation and Monetary Crisis (2012) This book is a compilation of the most important chapters in How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation and How You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis, and they are as relevant today as they were forty years ago.

99% of All You Need to Know About MONEY and its Effect Upon the Economy (2008) Everything flows from the way the money system is handled. It is the cause of inflation, of depressions, of any sudden changes in the economy. Not one person in a thousand really understands what money is. And yet, there are few subjects in the world more fascinating than the study of money. A proper grasp of it will give you the key that unlocks the many puzzles of national economic events. Without that understanding, it’s impossible to think for oneself; instead, you’re forced to rely upon the superficial conclusions of people with conflicting opinions and credentials. This short book covers 99% of all you need to know about money and its effect upon the economy. It's the clearest and most extensive explanation of how the government money system works and perverts the free market. Equally important, it’s written in language that any reasonably intelligent layman can understand.

The War Racket, Part I & II (2008) This book concentrates on deceptions politicians use to get us into war. Every war produces its share of deceptions. They come in four categories: prewar lies, rosy promises, propaganda, and myths. After reading The War Racket (Part I & II) you will know why politicians are so eager to get Americans into wars, be better equipped to spot the lies politicians tell in non-war areas and know what must be done to rule out the possibility of future politicians luring Americans into war through deception.

The Secret of Selling -- Anything (2008) This book refutes selling clichés accepted without question for years and proves in terms of the real world as it is that the stereotyped image of the “born salesman” is a mistake. Here is a painless way to become a good salesman, to influence others, to become more in demand, to increase your sales significantly, and make more money ~ without remaking your personality, without becoming forceful, aggressive, or eloquent.
Freedom the American Way (2008) A compilation of articles and newspaper columns that contain factual and well-reasoned economic, moral, and business truths written in simple and to the point language that everyone can understand and appreciate, and that appeal to the readers self-interest. If you want to reduce the size of government, make the most of your life, and learn seven ways to increase your wages ~ you will find this book interesting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking.

Investment Strategy in an Uncertain World (2007) Sixteen (16) articles that discuss Harry's investment strategy. They contain perceptive explanations that debunk so much of what passes for investment wisdom - plus intelligent comments about life. Most of all, the main thrust of the articles is a step-by-step analysis of how you can deal with an uncertain world - without preconceptions or dogma.

2000+ Libertarian Quotes (2006) Two thousand pithy libertarian quotations and comments concerning liberty, government, and politics personally selected by Harry Browne to help you sell libertarian ideas to others.
Liberty A to Z (2004) 872 libertarian soundbites you can use right now.

The Great Libertarian Offer (2000) A Libertarian plan of responsible, sensible solutions to today’s political and social problems. Harry Browne explains that Libertarians want you to be free — free to live your own life as you think best. And he provides the ammunition you need to show people how much better off they’d be in a Libertarian America.

Fail-Safe Investing (1998) How you can create a bulletproof portfolio you can walk away from — while protecting you from inflation, deflation, or recession, while allowing you to profit from prosperous periods.

Why Government Doesn’t Work (1995) — Why all those government programs have failed to live up to the promises made when they were enacted — a program by program critique of government health care, education, crime control, foreign policy, and much more.

The Economic Time Bomb (1989) The dangers that investors worry about, and how to be protected against all of them.
Why the Best-Laid Investment Plans Usually Go Wrong (1987) A critique of all the investment and speculative trading systems that purport to beat the markets. Guess what — none of them can be relied upon.

Investment Rule #1 (privately published, 1985) What is the one investment rule you can rely on no matter what?
Inflation-Proofing Your Investments (with Terry Coxon, 1981) The introduction of the Permanent Portfolio plan. The investments suggested have been superseded by the latest version of Fail-Safe Investing.

New Profits from the Monetary Crisis (1978) An outdated explanation of the investment markets.

Harry Browne's Complete Guide to Swiss Banks (1976) A lot of useful information about Switzerland; however, the bank information is now outdated.

You Can Profit from a Monetary Crisis (1974) A clear and extensive explanation of how government intervention perverts the free market.

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (1973) How you can apply libertarian principles to your personal life to have greater freedom from those who would like to tell you how to live your life — whether the government, relatives, friends, or just nosey people.

How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation (1970) A clear and extensive explanation of how the government money system perverts the free market.

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